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Helping businesses generate more leads and sales online

Who We Are

We're a full-service SEO Company based in Vancouver, British Columbia.


Initially started as a Online Marketing Agency, we narrowed our direction to focus strictly on SEO.


We believe the investment in SEO has the highest ROI of any online marketing initiatives.

Our Mission

As new businesses emerge and as more people are turning to the web for purchase queries, it's becoming more competitive to acquire new customers.


It's our mission to help all businesses with their online presence so they can keep the lights on and their business running.

What We Do

We help businesses acquire more leads, and more sales through SEO initiatives.


By increasing the amount of traffic flowing to your site, we can convert that traffic into paying customers.


Our customized SEO Services and Managed SEO Solutions help identify the needs and expectations of your customers and create goal driven, tailor-made SEO strategies.

Why 525 Marketing?

Partner with Vancouver’s most trusted SEO company that’s proven to help businesses increase revenue and maximize ROI through SEO

Transparent Reporting

You have a right to know what we are doing! Every month you get a detailed report with ranking updates, improvements to your website and a detailed statement of the work we did and what we recommend to do next.


With over 10 years of Online Marketing experience, we know how to rank pages and convert the maximum amount traffic into leads or paying customers.

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Simple Contracts

Our worry-free contracts provide an excellent way to manage your campaigns. If you’re paying for results and a company doesn’t deliver, why should you be forced to stick around?

Exclusive Partners

We don't work with your competition - period! We only work with one client per industry in a given geographic area. We do this is to deliver the best results for our clients without having a conflict of interest!

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Get Your Free SEO Video Analysis

Let us do some work for you at NO COST!


We'll review your site, give you recommendations, and provide actionable tasks you can implement today - ALL ON VIDEO!


Correct critical SEO errors that may be hurting your site and your rankings!

Your privacy is our number one concern. We will not share your information with anyone

First Page Promise

Our Managed SEO Solutions come with our First Page Promise*


If we're unable to reach the first page, we will continue to keep working on your campaign until we do - at no additional cost!

*not available with month-to-month agreements

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Grow Your Traffic.
Generate More Leads.
Increase Your Sales.

We specialize in getting your business on the first page of search engines, increasing your website's traffic, and converting that traffic into paying customers.


We are experts in all aspects of SEO, whether it be on-site optimization, keyword research, content marketing, link building, or analytics.

Your privacy is our number one concern. We will not share your information with anyone

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