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SEO Vancouver | Audit Service - 525 Marketing Inc.

SEO Audit

Why isn't your site ranking higher?


Knowing what’s currently happening on your site is the foundational objective of an SEO audit.


Are your web assets visible and crawlable by search engines? Are they fully optimized to meet some of the major ranking factors? What’s stopping them from ranking higher?


These are just some of the questions the come up during an audit.


Through our diligent audit process, we’ll uncover all the different layers of your website and provide and in-depth “current state” analysis as well as a “future state” of recommendations.

SEO Vancouver | Competitor Analysis - 525 Marketing Inc.

SEO Competitor Analysis

Outrank your competition with our comprehensive SEO Competitor Analysis


Knowing what your competitors are doing to drive traffic is the best blueprint to finding a competitive edge and outranking them.


We’ll reverse-engineer their entire content lifecycle and backlink profile to provide actionable intelligence needed to surpass their rankings.

SEO Vancouver | Keyword Research - 525 Marketing Inc.

Keyword Research

Hyper targeted keywords to attract the intent of your customer


Ensuring you’re page is visible on top search engines for targeted keywords is just one piece of the equation.


Targeting the right keywords that drive sales, leads, and conversions requires a full research strategy to understand and fulfill the intent of your customer.


Our keyword attainment matrix will discover keywords you’re currently ranking for, how to optimize those current keywords, and future keywords worth attaining.

All SEO Services and Solutions include a FREE consultation

No one likes paying for services they don't need. That's why we'll schedule a FREE consultation to figure the exact needs for your business.

SEO Vancouver | Copywriting - 525 Marketing Inc.


Effective words to communicate to your target audience


Words are the lifeblood of your campaign. The right message communicated to the right audience based on their search intent is the recipe for conversion.


Our top ranked writers produce:


  • Value-rich content assets that attract backlinks from other websites
  • Sales pages intended to trigger emotional “desire” cues that cause your customers to buy or opt-in
  • Keyword rich posts that rank high in the search results
SEO Vancouver | Full SEO Strategy - 525 Marketing Inc.

Full SEO Strategy

A monumental strategy guide intended to propel your online business to the next level


Leverage our top SEO experts to strategically outline your entire SEO campaign.


The strategy package includes:


  • A detailed SEO audit of your site with on-site, off-site, and technical recommendations and action items
  • Keyword research analysis to target the right keywords that drive sales, leads, and conversions
  • In-depth competitor analysis to “spy” into your competition
  • Content analysis and recommendations
  • Outreach recommendations and templates to acquire backlinks


And much more...

SEO Vancouver | Penalty Recover - 525 Marketing Inc.

Managed SEO Solutions

Focus on your business while we focus on getting you more customers


Just imagine getting more sales, more leads, more conversions - how would you feel?


Our managed SEO solutions handle every aspect of your SEO initiatives.


From a complete SEO audit to creating value-rich content worthy enough to acquire backlinks - we cover all our SEO services and provide bi-weekly updates and status reports.


Our managed solutions is the only service to provide our First Page Promise.

First Page Promise

Our Managed SEO Solutions come with our First Page Promise*


If we're unable to reach the first page, we will continue to keep working on your campaign until we do - at no additional cost!

*not available with month-to-month agreements

Image of an iPad showcasing the free SEO audit performed by 525 Marketing

Get Your Free SEO Video Analysis

Let us do some work for you at NO COST!


We'll review your site, give you recommendations, and provide actionable tasks you can implement today - ALL ON VIDEO!


Correct critical SEO errors that may be hurting your site and your rankings!

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Your privacy is our number one concern. We will not share your information with anyone

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